BornToSwim® Fitness Resistance bands with paddles – Blue


Weight training bands are a great tool for dry training. Thanks to various stimulating exercises and the simulation of a swimming stroke, the bands help to strengthen the upper body, develop speed, strength and endurance.

Just do a little workout on vacation without water or at home on dry land and you will see that it will be immediately noticeable in the water.

They are available in three colour-coded hardness levels:

light: yellow
medium: red
heavy: blue

The strengthening rubber bands are made of latex, the paws are plastic and the hand straps and the attachment of the rubber bands (e.g. to the railing) are made of solid textile.

Paw size: 13 x 15 cm

Rubber length: 130 cm

Diameter of the rubbers:

yellow – 9 mm, red – 12 mm and blue 14 mm.

Our booster rubbers are packed in handy mesh bags with a drawstring.

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