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Who we are

The idea of establishing a new swimming brand was based on a conversation with several swimmers who had already finished their professional competitive career and wanted to give something back to this beautiful sport for what it gave them during their swimming career. Unfortunately, they lacked an original brand in the swimwear market that could offer a complete collection of quality products with which users would get positive energy, drive, passion, color and uniqueness along with flexibility from other global brands. We want to give swimming joy, a new dimension and items that would set a new direction and expand the community of water enthusiasts.

After several months of balance sheets, strategy communication and development, they teamed up with other dedicated specialists and the project started to become a reality. Our officially registered BornToSwim®brand has been around since mid-2015 and with it the first few products that we are happy to present to you in our E-shop under the same brand. With our products and service we want to help clubs, groups and people to differentiate and make themselves visible, and not only in the water. And even though we are not a global giant, we still firmly believe that we can do great things with added value.

The origin of the company

BORN TO SWIM was founded by my husband, who was not only the best daddy of our 3 daughters, but also an enthusiastic swimmer and a hardy swimmer and had been swimming since he was 10 years old. There was no swimming brand on the Czech market and so he started first with the production of swimming caps, later fins, boards, swimsuits, towels....

Moving to larger premises

BORN TO SWIM started to thrive, deliveries to Amazon, Korea, Australia, America started and it was necessary to rent a bigger warehouse and hire new colleagues - friends.

Change of owners

My husband has passed away and we are left with BORN TO SWIM....and we continue to make colorful swimming products that will make you all happy with love and humility and gratitude that we can and are. Vendula

Our goal

Our priority is to continuously develop, improve and expand our offer to meet the requirements of our clients – you. Look forward to new ideas, products and limited edition swimwear sets and we also welcome your feedback, ideas and comments at our email address