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Swimming goggles

Whether you like the beauties with or without the metallic glare, BornToSwim® goggles will serve you well for daily or occasional training, they are made to last. They’ll protect your eyes from the sun’s rays thanks to the UV filter on the open water, but since they’re not too dark, you can swim with them in the pool without feeling like it’s the middle of the night. The goggles have an anti-fog treatment, have a double elastic band around the head and include beams for a perfect fit.
Pro Swim Tips: to make your goggles last longer without scratching, keep them in the packaging you purchased. There is no need to tighten the elastic band around your head too tightly, it might hurt your eyes after swimming. The goggles should fit your eyes without the elastic band on, it is only on the goggles for support.


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