Swimming paddles MANTA – Black


Just like the Manta ray that sails the oceans, our MANTA paws will help you maintain and improve your swimming speed.

The packs are flat, giving you more water pressure and you get stronger and stronger….

The surface of the traps has multiple types of holes for permeability and increased feel in the water.

This product is an ideal training aid for all ages.


We offer paws in 3 sizes and colours:

– S – small, with pink rubber bands – ideal for beginners and children

– M – medium, with orange rubber bands – for advanced athletes or as an accessory for triathletes in their sports equipment

– L – advanced, with turquoise rubber bands – if your swimming technique is good, these paws are for you and will improve your technique and speed even more:-)


– Colour: black with coloured bands
– Flat design for a stronger shot
– Sizes: three sizes
(S = 17.5×14.5 cm, M = 20.5×17.5 cm, L = 24.5×20.5 cm)
– Material: the paw is made of plastic and the bands are made of silicone

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S, M, L




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