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There are not many serious injuries in the swimming world, but thorough prevention is always in order.

Do your shoulders hurt or has anyone ever told you to strengthen the muscles in your back between your shoulder blades?

If so, by reading this description of our strengthening and stretching rubbers you have now taken the first step towards a healthier body and better swimming results.

The second step is just to choose the color and thickness of the booster rubber and put it in your cart.

The third step in the series is to set up a workout plan and a list of strengthening exercises. Let’s say 10-15 minutes every morning (before your morning shower, right?) and 3 to 5 different moves.

Remember! With this weight training rubber band, it is not about the strength of the exercise, but about the repetitive, precise and slow trajectory of the movement.

In addition to weight training, this rubber is also used for a nice stretch after or before exercise.

Our booster bands are made of high quality and elastic TPE material. They have low resistance and are therefore suitable for younger swimmers and children as well as adults.

Rubber dimensions: 120 to 150 cm x 15 cm x 0.04 to 0.05 mm

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0.04 mm, 0.05 mm


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